Yide Toys & Gifts Wholesale centre
Guangzhou Yide Toys & Gifts Wholesale centre is the first and largest gifts & toys wholesale centre. Apart from the hundreds of local traditional small roadside shop, currently has 12 large-scale development of a wholesale shopping mall. 
Industry: plush toys, plastic toys, electric toys, handicraft items, decoration items, lamps, accessories.


Onelink International Toy & Gifts Centre
Onelink International Toy & Gifts Centre is also located in Yide Road Wholesale Business Circle, But it is comparatively more modernized and independent. It is a 37 floor tall building, the 1-7 floor is wholesale market and other floors are commercial office. It attracts more than 1000 factories to open their shop and sell more than 1,000,000 kind of goods. It is becoming the landmark of Yide Road.
Industry: jewel case, decoration item, glass toys, plush toys, crystal item, handicraft item 

International Toys & Gifts Centre   
The Guangzhou International Toys Gifts Centre is the largest toy &gift wholesale market in guangzhou,its have good reputation in international trading markets.
Industry: electric toys, plastic toys, gifts items, handicrafts, stationary items, home decoration items, accessories