Hardware and Electric Appliance, Luggage, Clocks & Watches, Hardware Tools, Photographic Supplies, Battery Flashlight, Telecommunication Equipment, Lockset, Vehicle Products, Raincoat & Umbrellas, Suitcase & Bags Market - International Trade City District 2
It is divided into 2 main business areas: section F and G. This market is over 600,000 m2 building area, above 8000 booths and the business entities exceed 10,000.

Products List:
Hardware and electric appliance, Electric, Luggage, Clocks & Watches, Hardware Tools & Fittings, Home Appliance(Shaver), Electronic device, Photographic supplies, Battery flashlight, Telecommunication equipment, Lockset, Vehicle products, Raincoat & Umbrellas, Suitcases & Bags(Schoolbags, Poly Bags) etc.