Xiguan Antique City 
At the market are collected together about 100 stores on both sides of the 500-meter-long street. Traditional Xiguan culture has made well-known antique collectors who mainly deal with old pottery and porcelain, famous scripts and paintings throughout the ages, the four treasures of traditional study (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper) and jade articles are all found here. Moreover, exhibitions, evaluation meetings and auctions are held from time to time.
Industry: handicraft, writings, jades, porcelain, pottery 

Yuansheng Crafts Market
It is the largest collecting and distributing center for crafts in South China. Nearly one thousand stores stand on both sides of the 1000-meter-long street with various crafts available. It's said that the market attracts about ten thousand domestic and overseas customers each day. Not only is it a crafts market dealing with pottery, porcelain and jade, but also it is the largest exchange market between Guangdong, Macau and Hong Kong for antiques and antique imitation crafts.
Industry: handicraft, writtings, jades, porcelain, pottery