Guangzhou Markets
Guangzhou Markets are the most colorful and best in China. You can find everything you can imagine at wholesale prices and small quantity. 

Guangzhou Markets are very well organized in that vast areas are laid out just for the markets.  The biggest one even stretches west from Hai zhu Guang Chang to Sha Mian Island, where you can find everything from toys, furnishings, glasses, leather products, fabric, cloth materials, cosmetics, crafts, stationery, shoes, latest fashion apparels, watches, motorcycle spare parts, electronics, mobiles, computer accessories, digital cameras and even dried foods, traditional medicine, pets and lots more…


Guangzhou Markets List

Shoes Wholesale Market 
Garment Wholesale Market 
Fabric Market 
Luggage Leather Wholesale Market
Toys and Gifts Wholesale Market 
Craft Markets 
Beauty& Cosmetic Markets 
Electronic Markets 
Glass Markets