Xicheng Electric Appliances Centre   
Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre is a pool of all levels of electric appliances, including most big brands. You can find TV set,DVD player,and audio products in there.
Industry: TV sets, DVD players, audio products, phones, camera, computers, electric appliance,radio device, digital products


Guangdong Electric Markets  
Guangdong Electric Markets is one of the "Guangdong Materials Group Corporation," organized by the provincial government, the province approved the establishment of the only large-scale electrical wholesale Market Guangdong electronics market. It equipped with more than 300 shops with hundreds of two-tier electronics manufacturers in field operations.
Industry: Audio products, phones, camera, computers, electric appliance,radio device, digital products, electic toys, security monitoring equipment 

Haiyin Electric Center   
The business area is divided into four main areas: Old Field: The main goods categories, including refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, range hoods, water heaters, etc., followed by radio products, mobile phones, parts and other amplification devices. 
New field: parts mainly engaged in audio, video category, LCD TVs, mobile phones, digital products and other electrical products. Second field: up to confluence of shops for electrical appliances large field, there are a variety of brand-name audio stores, mobile phones, digital products, electric toys, security monitoring equipment. Second, third floor: The main business is computers, video game category, printers and other office supplies.
Industry: Refrigerate, washing machine, air conditioner, range hoods, water heater, radio products, mobile phone, amplification devices, audio, video, LCD TV, electric products, digital products