Many customers who are planning to come to Yiwu always ask the question "Why Yiwu?". Follow me to know Why Yiwu.

Yiwu is located in east of China, near Shanghai. Yiwu is famous for its largest wholesale market of general merchandise in the world – Yiwu market, i.e. China Yiwu International Trade City.

The feature of Yiwu Market:

1) The World’s Largest Wholesale Market Of Small Commodities

2) One-stop Shopping of Commodities in 1901 Categories You need not go to other places, only in Yiwu market.

3) Zero-distance Contact With 67,000 Chinese Suppliers You can see, you can touch, you can take photos, huge designs for your choice.

4) All-day Exhibition Of 410,000 Kinds Of Consumer Goods It opens 8 Hours a Day (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM), 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year. It is like a permanent tradeshow.

5) Accept Small Quantity, Can Mix lots of Items in One Container Unlike Guangzhou or other cities in China, where buyers usually are required to buy container loads of goods to receive favorable pricing, minimum quantity in Yiwu starts only with 1 carton, and yet you still receive wholesale prices.

6) All the Prices in Yiwu wholesale market is the Factory Price Yiwu is the Heart of the World’s Factory. 90% shops in yiwu market are factory direct sale.

7) Most of the Products are in Stock, Can Deliver within 1 week

Time is money.

Featured Products in Yiwu Market:

1) Apparel & Shoes: T-Shirts, Dresses, Sportswear, Lingerie, Jeans, Underwear, Socks, Boots, Sneakers.

2) Fashion Accessories: Headwear, Hats, Ncketies, Belts, Gloves, Sunglasses, Watches, Bags, Handbags.

3) Gifts & Crafts: Christma Products, Crystal Crafts, Metal Crafts, Holiday Gifts & Decoration, Photo & Picture Frames, Key Chains, Candles & Candles Holders.

4) Health & Beauty: Massagers, E-Cigarette, Makeup & Makeup Tools, Skin Care, Perfume & Perfume Bottles, Personal Hygiene.

5) Home & Garden: Baby Supplies, Bath & Toilet, Bedding, BBQ, Cookware, Tableware, Kitchen Accessories.

6) Jewelry: Bangles & Bracelets, Brooches, Earrings, Jewelry Set, Necklaces, Rings, Silver & Sterling Silver Jewelry, Gemstones.

7) Office & School Supplies: Pens, Notebook, Calculator, Educational Supplies.

8 ) Promotional Gifts: Keychain, Caps, Lanyard, Digital Photo Frames, Coasters, Golf Items, T-shirts.

9) Sports & Outdoor: Camping, Games, Pet & Products, Scooters, Sport Products.

10) Toys: Dolls, R/C Toys, Educational Toys, Ball, Electrical Toys, Plastic Toys.

>That is all for Why Yiwu. So, why not come to Yiwu?

>Welcome to Yiwu!

1)Location advantage

Yiwu is one of the six major logistics centers of Yangtze River Delta manufacturing base. There are hundreds of thousands factories around Yiwu. It's a huge manufacture base of China, the competition is very fierce, if the factories want to survive, they must provide cheaper product with better quality. As you may know, most of the stalls in the Yiwu International Trade Market are the showrooms of the factory, so, when you go to the market, you're facing hundreds of thousands of factories. What you can get is real factory price; normally there are hundreds of factories behind one product, there are enough space for you to choose the right product and negotiate the price.

2)Scale effect

When hundreds of thousands factories get together, you can not ignore the scale effect. Materials cost, logistics cost, workforce cost are much lower then any other places in China.

3)Strong support by government policy

You need not go to other places, only in Yiwu market.

3) Zero-distance Contact With 67,000 Chinese Suppliers

In order to keep the prosperous of Yiwu Market , and make it more developed, the central government gives Yiwu City the biggest administration right of all the county-level city in China. As a county-level city, Yiwu has its own Customs. It was the first one and only one in China's county-level city. Yiwu Small Commodity Market is the largest light industrial products distribution center in China, thousands of containers sent to foreign countries every day. With customs, import and export inspection and quarantine, foreign exchange management and other agencies, can greatly speed efficiency. Besides, Yiwu has an airport which was also the first one in China's county-level city.

There are several markets in Yiwu, the biggest one is Futian market. When you come, we suggest you do pay a visit for that market, we are sure you will have fruitful result. Besides Futian market, there are Huangyuan market, cosmetic market, Knitting market,Furniture market and so on.

There are 5 reasons account for why you need an Yiwu agent as below:

1. Purchase Goods - More Efficient There are more than 700,000 shops expanding, changing and growing all the time in Yiwu. Just in imitation jewelry & hair ornament market alone, there are about 7000 stands. It’s said that, it will take a whole year if you only stop at each booth for 1 minute. We are familiar with the market, so we can go and make arrangements for you appropriately. And all you need to do is choosing goods and checking price. We will arrange a translator to go to market with you to translate, take photos, write down the item No, price, packaging, measurement of carton, and other details for you. At last, we will make a quotation with price, photo, total number and total volume for you.

2.Collect & Inspect goods - 100% Guarantee After you confirming the order and payment, we will place the order. Then we will collect goods in our warehouse and inspect them when suppliers send. If something went wrong, we will negotiate with the suppliers. After that, will send the received goods list with the quantity, CBM, amount, cartons quantity and detailed to you. Then you arrange the balance to us.

3. Loading container - One-Stop Service We will book container, arrange shipment, load and unload goods according to your requirement.

4. Documents A full set of documents will be sent to you, such as packing list, commercial invoice, B/L, certificate, insurance and so on.

5. Shipment & Payment

Most shops in Yiwu market do not accept USD, so you are supposed to pay 30% deposit in advance by way of T/T, and then we order goods from the suppliers you selected at the price the suppliers offered to you. After receiving the remittance, we will pay the suppliers, arrange shipment, and send a complete set of documents and B/L to you.

Most important, if you are not in China, we can be your reliable business partner.

We are Yiwu Commodity Import and Export Co., Ltd. We can be your best and reliable one-stop purchasing service provider in China.

Our Advantages:

No.1 Yiwu Agent

One Stop Export Solution Provider

Competitive Commission Rate, Low to 1%

15+ Years Experience in Export and Sourcing Business

Subsidiaries in Yiwu and Guangzhou

100+ Staff Who Speak Fluent English

200+ Million US Dollars Turnover

500+ Square Meters of Office

10,000+ Square Meters of Warehouse

1000+ Containers Shipping Per Year

10,000+ Qualified Factory Suppliers

Looking forward to establishing long-term business relationship with customers worldwide.

The price and MOQ is lower in Yiwu Market than that in Guangzhou. Because the suppliers in Guangzhou are mostly big factories, however,the Yiwu supplier’s scale is not so big, so their MOQ requirement is lower. Yiwu is the biggest small commodity market in china, there is nothing you can't find there. if you are "buy a big variety of goods but not big Quantity per item", definitely Yiwu should at the top of your priority. if you are looking for certain product, maybe you can try Guangzhou market.

Yiwu is biggest market-place in China (this says enough!), mostly concentrated on gift/decoration-like items, but there are also many other products categories, too. It is definitely No.1 place to visit for your business profile. Guangzhou is also interesting, there are lots of clothes markets, and also other products, which shouldn't be avoided.

1.Go to market and visit shops one by one, we will arrange a translator to go to market with you

2.Choose interested items, write down item No, price, pcs/ctn, Measure of ctn, take sample or take photo.

3.We make a sheet, calculate amount, CBM

4.You send 30% deposit to our account by T/T (price is as same as supplier offer to you), then we order goods from suppliers (quantity of suppliers can be 5-100 per container).

5.We collect goods and inspect goods in our warehouse

6.We make a list of received goods, you send balance to us

7.Book container, arrange shipment

8.We send full set documents to you ,When you come to Yiwu City , we book hotel for you, and go to Yiwu airport to pick you up.It will be very easy to do business in Yiwu Market .We just act as a export agent, it means you have a office in Yiwu . You may also send us enquiries, ask us questions, when you are not in Yiwu .

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