Our Customers

Customers Region Breakdoown

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • North American
  • South American
  • Oceania
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Others

Main Customer Categories

  • Supermarket Chain Stores
  • One Dollar/Euro/Pound Stores
  • Major Retailers and Brands
  • Promotional Gifts Importers

Some of Our Customers

Country: Germany

Client Name: Alex

Product: Kitchen Appliances, Hardware

Country: Portugal

Client Name: Ana

Product: Hats

Country: Australia

Client Name: Barry

Product: Toys

Country: New Zealand

Client Name: David

Product: Stationery, crafts

Country: The Philippines

Client Name: Helen

Product: Party Items

Country: France

Client Name: JB

Product: Crafts and Outdoor Products

Country: France

Client Name: Jean

Product: Gifts and Crafts

Country: Mexico

Client Name: Jorge

Product: Toys and Tableware

Country: Nigeria

Client Name: Lisa

Product: general Merchandise

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Client Name: Manoj

Product: Jewelry, Crafts, Tourism Gifts,

Country: UK

Client Name: Marija

Product: Artificial Flower, Pants

Country: Croatia

Client Name: Mario

Product: Sports Items, Speakers, Toys, Bags

Country: Czech

Client Name: Mark

Product: Gifts Items, Crafts

Country: Germany

Client Name: Marko

Product: Toys

Country: Czech

Client Name: Milos

Product: Gift Items, Crafts, Christmas Products

Country: India

Client Name: Marais

Product: Ornaments

Country: Croatia

Client Name: Nicola

Product: Outdoor Products, Tableware

Country: India

Client Name: Nitin

Product: Distribution Agent

Country: Croatia

Client Name: Peter

Product: Toys

Country: South Africa

Client Name: Shaheen

Product: Kitchen Hardware, General Merchandise

Country: South Africa

Client Name: Sharon

Product: Toys

Country: Australia

Client Name: Wayne

Product: Sports Products

Country: South Africa

Client Name: Willem

Product: Stationery

Country: Germany

Client Name: Frank

Product: Toys, Christmas Products

Country: FIJI

Client Name: Haisal

Product: Electronics, Toys

Country: India

Client Name: Kinty

Product: Clothes, Garment

Country: Croatia

Client Name: Pasko

Product: Fashion Products

Country: Macedonia

Client Name: Adjioska

Product: Wedding Products, Artificial Flower, Package Bags

Country: Spain

Client Name: Jaume

Product: Jewelry

Country: India

Client Name: Saud

Product: Leggings, Hardware

Country: India

Client Name: Rajat

Product: Gifts Items, Hardware

Country: UK

Client Name: Qaiser

Product: Bags

Country: England

Client Name: Tom

Product: Shoes