We are high tech product wholesaler in Fiji, we have being cooperating with Yiwu Commodity for many years, every year we come to Yiwu and Guangzhou for 3-4 times. We source speakers, toys, automobile products caps in Yiwu, and bags, watches, sunglasses and automobile products in Guangzhou. Yiwu and Guangzhou are very good place for sourcing and purchasing. Yiwu Commodity is a very good scouring agent.



We are from India and doing leggings and hardware business. It is my first time in Yiwu this year. Yiwu market is very huge. We spent 5 days in Yiwu and 4 days in Guangzhou to attend the Canton Fair. Really thanks for Yiwu Commodity Company’s help during the past 10 days. Yiwu market is a good place for sourcing new items, low price, small MOQ, fast delivery.


The Philippines

I started doing business with China suppliers since 2005. We are doing party items in Philippines. Although there are many agents in China, bu it is still difficult to find a professional agent. My ex-agents always have so many problems, such as changing items to similar but low quality one, delivery time always late, response not on time, poor English skills, etc....... Yiwu Commodity Import and Export Company is my current agent in Yiwu. They are much better, reliable and professional. I will keep doing business with them in the future.



Hello, I am from France and doing wholesale business about art-crafts and gift items.. Yiwu Commodity has been my China agent for 15 years, Jack is a very nice guy and now my best friend in China. They guide me in the market every time when I come to in Yiwu. They are very nice and take me try Chinese traditional foods each time. They speak fluent English. And i also learned some Chinese from Jack. Thank you, my friend.



We came to Yiwu first time in 2006 and Jack picked us in Shanghai. We have one wedding items, such as flowers and vase and packing bags store and doing wholesale business in Macedonia. We come to China 2-3 times each year and import 5 to 8 x 40ft HQ every year. Yiwu Commodity Company is best and they charge only 2% to 3% while others charges more than 5%. Jack is our ONLY agent in China now. Thanks for your professionalism - Yiwu Commodity Import and Export Co, Ltd.. My children and i will continue doing business with them.



We are very satisfied with our visit to Yiwu. From Shanghai Pudong airport to Yiwu, Yiwu Commidity Comapany offered a good price and nice driver. And, when going to the market, Ms. Cao is very familiar with the market and products, expert in English-Chinese translation, detailed in purchasing & taking photos. Thanks Yiwu Commodity for provide well-trained staffs and kind service. We strongly recommend Yiwu commodity


South Africa

I’m a wholesaler and we supply to chain supermarkets in South Africa, i come to Yiwu 3-4 times a year for more kinds of goods to be choose. The goods I ordered are well-selling in our country. The price is unbeatable and the quality is very excellent. Yiwu city is really the paradise of the small commodity, any kinds of the goods can be found here, even some special items you have not see previously. Jack and Cassiel helped me a lot from hotel booking, goods sourcing, translation and loading.



I am a owner of a store in my native country and we do hairdressing and mannequin business. I usually purchase from China 3 times each year, both from Yiwu and Guangzhou market. Yiwu commodity offered excellent consolidation and purchasing service, both in Yiwu and Guangzhou. It can be your reliable and good agency in whole China market.



I have toys and Christmas gifts stores in German and have continuing purchasing from Yiwu market for 10 years. We import our products only from Yiwu market. The price is competitive. Our customers like new designs every year. So I need come to Yiwu to choose new designs every year. Yiwu Commodity Import and Export company is a very nice and professional purchasing agent in China.



I am Fause from Brazil doing business of general merchandise wholesales. I first know Yiwu Commodity from Alibaba of a 1x 20FT container. They provided very excellent service and delivered goods very soon. Then i visit them when i come to China and we established cooperation. Now we have each year 9-10 x 40FT HQ container. The competitive price in Yiwu provide me a easier way to do business and deal with the fierce competition in my native country. My business now is even stronger and really thanks for Yiwu Commodity Import and Export Company help. They can arrange the goods for me shipped to Brazil. Or sometimes I go there have a purchase. That is convenient.Wish Yiwu Commodity be more successful.