Yiwu Flight
Yiwu airport is 5.5 km away from Yiwu City , Zhejiang Midwest region's largest airports, flight zone technical grade for 4c level, can accommodate md-82, b-737, a-320 and other medium-sized aircraft; built simultaneously parking 3 large aircraft, two small aircraft parking stands 5; and the domestic terminal to meet the 500 people waiting at the same time; equipped with modern instrument landing systems, weather forecasting systems, communications, navigation system, full night lighting system and imported, with complex weather conditions for takeoff and landing.

Yiwu Railway Station
Yiwu Railway Station was located in Houzhai, built in 2006, with advanced equipment, complete functions.
The waiting room is more than 1100 square meters, with air-conditioned, cushioned seat room, tea room, can accommodate 1,400 people waiting together.
There also is carry-on baggage storage, information desk, radio room, convenience store and so on. Yiwu Bingwang Bus Station Yiwu Binwang Bus Station whose principal business is to provide Long-distance passenger services, located in Yiwu City, Binwang Road, No. 221. There are 480 buses running everyday, leading to 17 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of China. It’s the largest road transport hub and passenger flow concentration in Yiwu. Yiwu Taxi Charged according to the taximeter.
The minimum charge is 6 Yuan. BUS In downtown, the bus fare is 1.5 Yuan each time.