China has a cluster of markets, which contributes greatly to the booming of general financial situation by attracting customers from all around the world.


Yiwu Markets(also known as Yiwu International Small Commodities Markets) offer whatever products you can imagine: from flowers, toys, glass items, kitchen wares to hardwares and daily use articles, etc. Besides, Yiwu also has developed various professional streets providing special items in a full range.


Top 18 Markets in Yiwu:
1) Yiwu Jewelry Market
2) Yiwu Artificial Flowers Market
3) Yiwu Toys Market
4) Yiwu Arts & Crafts Market
5) Yiwu Suitcases & Bags Market
6) Yiwu Clocks & Watches Market
7) Yiwu Rainwear & Umbrellas Market
(8) Yiwu Office & School Supplies Market
9) Yiwu Sports & Outdoor Market
10) Yiwu Cosmetics Market
11) Yiwu Socks Market
12) Yiwu Belts Market
13) Yiwu Towels Market
14) Yiwu Shoes Market
15) Yiwu Daily Use Products Market
16) Yiwu Gloves & Mittens Market
17) Yiwu Hats & Caps Market
18) Yiwu Scarves & Shawls Market