Yiwu Restaurant 
Due to the assembly of foreigners from various countries and religious belief, there are many diversified restaurants here in Yiwu to meet requirements of different people. Restaurants of Arabic, Islamic and Korean flavors are everywhere to see, and western-style restaurants, fast food like KFC, Mcdonald are also convenient to eat in. 


Chinese Restaurant 
There are thousands of Chinese restaurants. So too many for me to recommend, you can choose hot pot, traditional Chinese dishes, Chinese snacks and so on.


Middle East Restaurant
There are more than 100 Middle eastern Restaurants in Yiwu and most of them at the Binwang District. The following list just some of them.
Barki Restaurant
Address: No.38, 8 Street,Binwang District,Yiwu

NaierMu Restaurant
Address: No.40, 8 Street,Binwang District,Yiwu


Western food
Just for your reference:
Sentosa Restaurant & Bar
Address: No. 173-178 Jiang Dong Mid Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang

Korean Cuisine & Japanese Cuisine
Ruiri Japanese Cuisine
Address:No.9, North Gongren RD.,Yiwu


Coffee & Tea-house
Address: 1F, 2 Gongren Bei Lu, Yihe Hotel, Yiwu

Dio Coffee
Address: Unit 1-3, Bldg 2, Guoji Shangmao Cheng Catering Area, Yiwu

B Shore Coffe Shop
Address: 8 Binwang Shgangmao Qu Er Jie, Yiwu


Fast food
Address: 1F, Department Store, Chengzhong Zhonglu, Yiwu

KFC Xiangshan Branch
Address: 119 Chouzhou Xilu, Yiwu

KFC Tiancheng Branch
Address: 113 Gongren Xilu, Choucheng Town, Yiwu

KFC Futian Branch
Address: Building 1, Shangfu, Chouzhou Beilu, Yiwu

KFC Yiwu Branch
Address: 111 Chengzhong Zhonglu, Choucheng Town, Yiwu

KFC Binwang Branch
Address: 458 Chouzhou Beilu, Yiwu

Pizza Hut
Address: No.88,Chenzhong RD.,Yiwu