One of the biggest advantages of Yiwu market is that the suppliers can accept very small order for wholesale, sometime only one carton is acceptable.

If you are a businessman who always take some cheap goods from your local distributor or other middlemen, purchasing from Yiwu market directly would definitely be your best choice. Below please find the introduction of purchasing from Yiwu market step by step.


Whether you have contacted factories in China yourself or we have sourced products for you, giving as much accurate and detailed information will make all the difference to a good end product. 


1: Detailed specification of the products
1) Try not to leave any detail to the assumption, even down to how you want the product packaged and shipped.
2) What is the item? What are its defining points? If possible, an accompanying drawing showing details would be even better.
3) What is it made of? Are there any grades relevant? Does something else come with it? Because it is standard to you, does not mean factories will be as familiar with it as you.


2: Volumes
How many will you buy? It's easy to say "it depends upon the price" but actually, it doesn't.

Clients know how many they want or can afford, the better price will just give you a better chance of ordering or bring forward the repeat order time.

So how many are you thinking of, and what re-order frequency is probable? 


3:Target Price

What is your target price? Better target price can he;p us to define the products to the right suppliers. And also gives us the ability to refine prices appropriately without coming back with unsuitable information.
The quality of the product is completely dependent on how much you are willing to pay. 


4: Quality standards and certification

If you have any certification requirement like CERoHS, UL, FDA, CCC, CSA or CB, please let us know at first. 

It will helps define the right supplier.


5: Packaging and Labeling
Some products have mandatory Packing Standards while importing in your country. Or some goods sold to Amazon or supermarket may have special requirement for the label. Hence, it is very important to discussing the Labeling and Packing standards.
So for the packaging and labeling details, please also mark out.


6: Delivery Dates
All delivery dates and deadlines are not binding unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, e.g. the date stated on the order confirmation or sales contract. The agreed delivery dates in written are effective only after advance payment. 


7: Payment Terms
Once we have established this and signed all relevant contracts with the factory and shops, the usual terms are to make a 30% deposit to the factory/factories/shops for the goods.

The balance is then paid once goods have passed our quality control checks and delivered to our warehouse ready for export. 


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